Outdoor activities, sports and excursions to explore the Apennines

Trekking or Bike in the heart of the Apennines


A stay in Alto Savio is ideal for those who don't want to give up trekking even on holiday, expanding the surroundings of Bagno di Romagna with fabulous excursions. The territory lends itself to simple walks but also to paths like real professionals, entering nature. A few kilometers away, the National Park of the Casentinesi Forests is an ideal destination for those who wish to explore spectacular trails, with or without a guide.


For bike lovers, the surroundings offer enthusiasts many possibilities: from on road cycling along the Gran Fondo del Capitano route, to off-road cycling in the saddle of mountain bikes up to routes created specifically to be explored through use e-bikes, pedal assisted bicycles that allow you to tackle steep climbs with minimal effort.



Sport fishing at the Acquapartita Lake


Hotel Miramonti overlooks Lake Acquapartita, owned by the Batani family, known for sport fishing, in particular fly fishing and spinning in a naturalistic context of exceptional beauty. Fishing permits can be purchased directly at the hotel and it is possible to take advantage of special rates that also include short stays.

From the Acquapartita Lake it is also easy to reach the Lakes Park District which has countless basins ideal for fishing in absolute tranquility.


Yoga Retreats


Hotel Miramonti is also the ideal destination for yoga retreats. Pure air and altitude are perfect for improving postural, aesthetic and emotional qualities. An intact and uncontaminated nature, cell free area and healthy and tasty food from the nearby garden are just some of our strengths.


The small island located in the center of Lake Acquapartita is perfect for group full immersion lessons in the quiet surrounded by the energies of the forest.

The ideal place for sports retreats


Acquapartita is ideal for sports retreats: located 800 metres above sea level, the perfect altitude for athletes. Teams can use the regulation grass football pitch (105m x 68m) or an A5 grass pitch (55m x 33m), where numerous teams have spent time training. There's also a beach volleyball court with sand from the Riviera Romagnola. The hotel Miramonti is fully equipped with conference rooms, a covered pool with lake views and jacuzzi, fitness area, educational garden and restaurant.



Exploring the National Park and its forests

The whole of the Upper Savio Valley is a very special place for green holidays, and is easily reached from the Cesena plain via the E45 superhighway which follows the crest towards Rome. A holiday in this area means discovering a protected environment that's part of the Foreste Casentinesi, Monte Falterona e Campigna National Park, which boasts some of Italy's best-preserved forests. The area is still home to wolves, golden eagles and several species of hoofed mammals, and features some particularly valuable natural resources.


Hotel Miramonti

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